Get your manufacturing apps & workflows integrated & automated.

Forget manual and redundant processes that create errors and drain profitability. All your nodes and data can flow together automatically...with the right integration.


Every manufacturing company faces a similar challenge.

You already have the data points and the goal of discovering the bigger picture they reveal. Now let our experts create and execute the strategy that ties it all together for you.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution
  • Analytics
  • ... and more

Gain Clarity

Lots of nodes in isolation are a business liability. But once they’re elegantly integrated, you gain the competitive advantage of insight.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Reduce inefficiency and increase reporting accuracy by leveraging MDM to keep your data consistent across all your workflows.

Streamline Data Flow

Point-to-point connections keep your data disjointed and unscalable. We’ll build you an end-to-end integration that scales with you.

Identify Opportunities

Does a particular customer journey result in less post-purchase support and higher margins? Fully integrated data can tell you.


Our clients love the results

Rapid development. Superior data access. 
An investment you’ll wish you’d made sooner. Sounds good, right? Then you’re ready for Launchpad.


Pre-Built Connection


Increase in Efficiency


Average ROI


Worry-free Manufacturing Integration Package that’s fully managed & hosted.

Gain the efficiency boost you need today and the true flexibility to scale tomorrow.

With Launchpad’s cloud hosted Paasport Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Integration Platform at the center of your apps and workflows, you’ll have the foundation you need to streamline operational processes, gain modern data-driven insights, and more.

All with the ease of a done-for-you configuration.

"Launchpad has the right mix of experience, skill, and leadership to bring any team to the next level. Do it and don't look back."

Salesforce Business Technology team

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