Cash Management

With the right integration, your accounting system will access all the data needed to automate your cash management workflow, recognize your inventory status, and report your key metrics.

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Your accounting, simplified.

Of course you’ll still have all the details and data to deal with...but there’s a far easier way to tie all the pieces together.

  • AP
  • AR
  • CASH
  • Investments
  • Debt
  • ...and more

Cash Flow Insights

Gain reliable, up-to-date knowledge of cash available, cash received from AR, and cash paid for AP, investing and financing.

Company-Wide Consistency

Precision is key to good cash management. Get all your apps integrated in a way that standardizes how your data is processed.

Real-Time Reporting

Forget spreadsheets. Upgrade to end-to-end reporting that can automatically feed into your ERP or business intelligence platform.

Elegant SKU Flows

Get your CRM matching purchases with revenues in your accounting system, no matter how many SKUs you have.

Your workflow + Our experience = Superior outcomes

Our experts and 400+ pre-built connectors mean you get rapid yet customized deployment of an integration solution that accelerates your business. Just ask our happy clients. On average they enjoy a 7x increase in efficiency.

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