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Launchpad is a complete Integration Center for companies. Our PaasportTM iPaaS hub seamlessly plugs in, integrates and automates your multiple apps. Our Integration Services give you hourly access to expert developers who build and support your integration. Our Nearshore Staff Augmentation enhances your team and agility with the right skill sets at the right time...without the headaches of traditional offshore. We make it possible for everyone on your team to easily access and work with the information they need. No matter your mix of apps and workflows, we’ll build you an automated integration solution that’s rock solid today and scalable tomorrow.

About Paasport

Paasport is our worry-free, truly scalable, cloud hosted and fully managed integration platform that’s supported by the same team that develops and deploys your integrations. Free up your team and let us plan, configure and manage your enterprise-grade integration on our Paasport iPaaS platform. Learn more:

About Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Launchpad’s Nearshore Staff Augmentation services enhance your team through technical staff with the right skill sets at the right time. Gain the agility and expertise you need to adapt to an ever-changing competitive landscape. Get our same-time-zone Latin America nearshore delivery team of experts working for you...without the headaches of traditional offshore. Learn more:

About Custom App Integration Services

At Launchpad, we’re proud to offer intelligent, automated app integrations. When your apps talk seamlessly, your productivity goes up and your operational costs go down. Let our experts get your systems and data integrated right.

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